Medical device application case | MTL measuring Ompi vial

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Stevanato Group boasts more than 70 years of experience in the production of glass packaging. Ompi is a medical system division of Stevanaoto Group. It has branch companies in Italy, Slovakia, Mexico, China, Brazil and other countries. It provides a wide range of glass inner packaging materials, including the glass vials, a traditional product.


Ompi vial is glass container for medicine. Due to the optimization of its bottom depression, it is available in different sizes and capacities, which can hold liquid and freeze-dried drugs.


In today’s vibrant and increasingly challenging pharmaceutical market, ratio of biotech drugs is increasing, which are very complex and often highly sensitive molecules.




The complexity of drugs means that packaging material suppliers must develop new methods to ensure the stability between the drug and the container and ensure perfect drug management. The requirements for the appearance performance od the container have become one of the necessary conditions.

Ompi China chose VICIVISION MTL M1 optical measuring machine to strictly manage quality of dimensional changes of its vials.

Control the geometry and size of the bottleneck to maintain a high degree of compatibility with different components and filling lines.

Perform rapid appearance inspection on the molding of the bottle mouth, and then customize various geometric shapes, such as sealing bead ring, anti-jumping plug, screw neck, etc.
Bottle Shoulder
During the molding process, close inspections are performed on the bottle shoulder area to ensure that the dimensions and specifications required by the customer are optimized during the inspection stage of the filling line, thereby reducing error rejection and waste.
Bottle Bottom

The bottom of the vial needs to ensure high stability during transportation, which is obtained by molding process that controls the shape and concavity of the bottom. Its specific geometry is also compatible with freeze-drying process.


Features Inspected:

Inner Diameter

Outer Diameter








Measurement takes 30 to 60 seconds.Automatic recognize reference position and measuring position after profile scanning.

Automatic cycle by pressing a button. Automatic data collection.

Easily reproduce the measurement position, lighting settings, measurement tools etc., and automatically recognize profile of the measuring piece.



Automatically save data, generate reports, and quickly judge product NG/OK.



With VICIVISION MTL optical measuring machine:

1. Higher efficiency for small batch inspection and batch change. It can complete the customization of end customers from standard to specific application products, while greatly reducing the time to market.

2. Eliminate human error and ensure high appearance quality. Even in the face of most demanding drugs, it can provide a high level of quality, safety and technology.

3. Unlimited measurement items and quantity, reducing cost pressure.


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