Repair (Replace parts / Upgrade software) of Micro-vu measuring machine

[Release time: 2022/12/29Number of readings: 515]

Due to the influence of many external factors such as humidity, room temperature, the impact of natural disasters or negligence during use, it is easy to lead to damaged machinery affecting the production line.

Repair Micro-vu Excel 701
Repair Micro-vu Excel 701

Vertex provides repair and replacement services related to Micro vu meter, Vici, manual machine in the most timely manner to customers.

ML manual measuring machine
ML manual measuring machine

More than 90% of replacement parts are available at Vertex’s warehouse to ensure the fastest and most timely customer support, avoiding affecting the progress and production process.

For customers who have bought a machine or used Vertex’s services, we always support and guide customers to deal with basic errors online for free in the most flexible and timely manner ,no need to waste time waiting.

In addition, Vertex also supports customers to upgrade software when needed.

Contact us : (+84) 24-35581188 or 0989.399.815 (zalo) if you have a need for services related to 2D, 3D Micro-vu measuring machines.

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