Warranty Policy

The following warranties apply to products and services from Vertex:

1. Warranty provisions

✔️ Machinery: The warranty period is 12 (Twelve) months from the date of acceptance by the customer for the equipment to be put into use. The equipment under warranty must ensure that the correct information on the term and serial number as provided by Vertex to the customer is initially affixed to the device without any erasure, modification or patching.

✔️ Components and accessories: The specific warranty period is based on each individual component code.

✔️ Calibration service: Vertex always warrants calibration results within 1 year.

✔️ Vertex is always committed to applying national and international warranty policies to all customers who buy products.

✔️ All damage caused by Manufacturer’s fault during warranty, Vertex is fully responsible for repairing for customers.

2. Warranty period

✔️ Product warranty period depends on the degree of damage of the product.

✔️ After receiving the warranty claim information from the customer, Vertex will quickly arrange a processing engineer to ensure that it does not affect the progress and efficiency of the customer’s work.

3. Warranty location

✔️ Vertex will send a team of engineers directly to the customer’s address to conduct product warranty.

4. After-warranty service support

✔️ For products that have expired warranty according to regulations, Vertex always supports customers with the best price incentives in terms of repair costs and replacement costs (if any).

5. Cases not covered by warranty

✔️ The product has expired warranty according to regulations based on the Minutes of careful acceptance between the two parties.

✔️ The product is damaged due to external factors such as fire, natural disaster, electric shock, unsafe wet storage environment, impact by other equipment, intrusion by animals, etc.

✔️ The product is damaged due to improper use, improper use of the power source.

✔️ Products damaged by arbitrarily repairing, moving, dismantling, etc. by individuals or employees who are not engineers from Vertex.

✔️ The product does not match the serial number and other information as the original term is pasted by Vertex.