Commodity Policy

As a member of VTECH Group with more than 20 years of business activities in the field of providing Precision measurement systems from the brands MICROVU, VICIVISION, Vertex Precision Vietnam Co., Ltd  has built a certain position and gain the high trust of domestic and international customer partners.

One of the important factors that helps VERTEX always attract customers is to always ensure and commit to the quality of goods according to the manufacturer’s standards:

  1. VERTEX products are always 100% new and unused, ensuring the technical characteristics according to the needs of customers.
  2. Always absolutely committed to genuine products from the Manufacturer, with full dealer certification, full relevant documents proving clear origin.
  3. Commit that the delivered product is still in the original packaging of the manufacturer, with no damage to the appearance.
  4. Warranty policy 12 months according to the manufacturer’s standard
  5. Products that Vertex distributes always ensure to meet safety and quality standards: Vertex is solely responsible for manufacturer defects.
  6. Commitment to after-sales services such as installation, training, calibration, repair,… are all performed in accordance with the company’s process standards by a team of experienced engineers.