Maintenance service of 2D/3D Micro-vu Measuring Machine in Vertex

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Why do Micro-vu 2D/3D measuring machine periodic maintenance? When is maintenance required?

In fact, one of the main causes of reduced machine life is the lack of routine maintenance.

Maintenance is an activity of cleaning and taking care of machinery periodically and often related to techniques to ensure that the equipment is not damaged, in order to maintain the best operating state for the machine.

Maintenance of the Micro-vu Vertex 251UC
Maintenance of the Micro-vu Vertex 251UC

Vertex recommends that customers conduct 4 routine maintenance times in 1 year to ensure the best operation of the machine and prolong the life of the components.

Vertex engineers always perform full machine maintenance according to the manufacturer’s standards, not only that, they always include machine cleaning service during maintenance.

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