Installation and Training service of 2D, 3D Micro-vu measuring machine

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Currently, many customers have the need to move 2D, 3D measuring machines from one factory to another, or even move the machine from the parent company in foreign areas to Vietnam with the same worry: How to ensure the safety of the machinery after moving?

Vertex with a experienced engineers team, trained in laboratory quality management according to ISO standards, is sent for annual training abroad to ensure the best quality of after-sales service. . We specialize in providing the services of Fixing the machine – Installing the machine to ensure the safety of the machine after moving, in addition, Vertex engineers will support consulting and give the necessary notes and related tools during the movement of the machine.

Moving the Micro-Vu Excel 701
Moving the Micro-Vu Excel 701

In addition, Vertex also provides training service – User manual for customers who have needs, especially for customers who have not used Micro-vu machines before.

Set up Micro-vu Vertex 
Set up Micro-vu Vertex

Normally, the standard training process will range from 2-3 days because Micro vu uses Inspec software which is extremely simple and easy to use compared to the current models of the same stratification.

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