VICIVISION | Fittings and Turned Threads: How to Measure Them In A Few Seconds

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Measuring Fittings, Turned Threads and Screws
It is often difficult for manufacturers to get accurate and objective results when measuring turned threads, typical features on fittings and shafts, and rolled threads.By working closely alongside our clients and listening to their needs, we have developed a specific software for measuring fittings.

In addition to standard measurements, such as diameter, length, angle, radius and chamfers, specific dimensions for threaded parts can be obtained.

A single software tool can automatically measure fittings and turned threads, as well as screws and bolts, in a matter of seconds.

Measurements List

1. Cylindrical Threads – Static Measurements
2. Conic Threads – Static Measurements
3. Form Measurements
4. Screws and Bolts – Static Measurements
5. Screws and Bolts – Form Measurements
Cylindrical Threads – Static MeasurementsVICIVISION software calculates the following on cylindrical threads:


●Nominal diameter

●Mean diameter

●Core diameter

●Roll dimension

●Crest angle

●Crest cut-off

Conic Threads – Static MeasurementsThe following can be calculated on conic threads:


●Mean diameter

●Core diameter

●Crest cut-off

●Distance of known diameter (gauge length)

●Thread taper (thread angle)

●Root taper angle

●Diameter at a known position

Form Measurements 

In addition to the previously listed static measurements, a series of dynamic measurements can also be taken on threads:






Screws and Bolts – Static Measurements 

As well as standard thread measurements, such as pitch, nominal diameter, mean diameter and core diameter, we have developed functional measurements for the production of screws and bolts with rolled threads:

●Helix angle (to see if the rolls “slide”)

●Single position of the NG (not good) diameter – to check if a single crest or groove is not correctly formed.

●LG dimension

Screws and Bolts – Form MeasurementsA number of dynamic measurements are also available for screws and bolts.

In addition to roundness, coaxiality, run-out and cylindricity, we have developed a specific software for trilobe screws.

For the measurement of threads, screws and bolts, VICIVISION software provides dimensions and tolerances on pre-filled charts in the database for the majority of classes: ISO for triangular and trapezoidal profiles, Gas, Screws, UNC_UNF_UNEF, NPT_NPTF.
This eliminates the repeated search for nominal values and tolerances and therefore speeds up programming.

Furthermore, the tables are open, which means that the operator can duplicate them and manually insert new dimensions and tolerances where necessary, to add or remove machining allowance.


VICIVISION MTL Optical Measuring Machine-Techno, X, M series

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