Measurement Production Line Upgrade | Robot Automatic Loading and Unloading

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With the continuous integration of informatization and industrialization, and the continuous development of the intelligent manufacturing industry, the intelligent industry represented by robot arm is booming. The emergence of industrial robot arms solved the difficult recruitment problems caused by the harsh working environment and high labor intensity.Using a robot arm instead of an operator can automatically complete various loading and unloading tasks such as measuring piece grasping, loading, and unloading during the automatic piece measurement process, which can greatly save labor costs and improve production efficiency.Especially for the measurement of large quantities and small parts, human factors have a great influence on the measurement efficiency. Using one robot arm with multiple sets of measuring machines, one operator can control multiple sets of measuring machines at the same time, realizing less humanization of quality control, thereby reducing production costs, improving work efficiency and product quality, and improving the economic benefits of the company.



       To realize the automatic loading and unloading of the robot arm, it must first obtain the information of the loading and unloading signal sent by the measuring machine. After the           information is processed by the control system, it outputs a control signal to control the actuator to complete the corresponding action.

       How to solve the effective and reliable information transmission between the measuring machine and the robotic arm is particularly important to realize the automatic loading and     unloading of the robotic arm.

During the whole process, the piece clamping on the raw material tray, the placement on the measurement stage, and the start of the measurement program all need to accurately receive the command signal from the robotic arm. At the same time, information such as whether the measurement of the measuring machine is wrong or not needs to be accurately transmitted to the robotic arm to ensure the smooth progress of the entire process.


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