Crankshaft Measurement | In Less Than A Minute

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When it comes to quality control of such complex parts, measuring crankshafts can be a cumber some and time-consuming process, possibly requiring an environmentally controlled room.

VICIVISION has developed a specific software tool dedicated to
crankshaft measurements, able to provide dimensional control results
of the highest accuracy. VICIVISION measurement systems offer a solution for specific dimensions of the eccentric pin:

Crankshaft Features to Measure:

· Stroke

· Diameter

· Roundness

· Cylindricity

· Run-out

· Timings

· Dynamic parallelism

· Radii

The software prov ides export to a DXF file of the pin radii before the rolling process, al lowing the operator to save it along with the part serial number.

After rolling the previously saved profile can be imported and compared with the actual profile in order to check the penetration parameters.

VICIVISION’ s optical measurement systems automatically collect data and produce a measurement report in under a minute.

Large volume manufacturer scan adjusts production parameter s based on measurement t rends. Adjusting parameter s in advance means avoiding out of tolerance results and consequent l y considerable reduction in rework while increasing yield.

With its tool wear in compensation function, the system can communicate with the CNC to automatically correct tool parameters.

Reducing inefficiencies translates into increased productivity, yield and throughput. This allows manufacturers the ability to run more product while increasing customer quality and satisfaction.




VICIVISION MTL Optical Measuring Machine Techno Seris

The machine improves productivity.Operators are more independent during inspection and tool offsets can be adjusted before parts become out of tolerance in order to reduce the amount of rejects produced.

Dimensional control directly on the shop floor.

Each part produced by the CNC lathe can be easily measured by operators within the production environment.

Greater productivity also on smaller batches.

Batch changing is fast and efficient.

One measuring system for multiple CNC lathes.

One measuring system for multiple CNC lathes.

High resolution.

Detailed images capture even minute features.

No more compromises.

Given the wide scope of measurement ranges offered, this machine range is designed to adapt to current and future manufacturing demands.

Tested reliability.

Specific expertise and carefully selected components have created a highly efficient range of solutions.

Heavy Duty.

The load capacity of the largest machines has increased by up to 60 kg.



Techno Measuring Range:

Diameter: 40 mm-180 mm

Length: 300 mm-1250 mm

Model Measuring Range
Max. Loadable Sizes
M304 300×40 315×120
M306 300×60 315×120
M309 300×90 315×120
M314 300×140 300×240
M318 300×180 300×240
M604 600×40 625×120
M606 600×60 625×120
M609 600×90 625×120
M614 600×140 625×240
M618 600×180 625×240
M906 900×60 925×120
M909 900×90 925×120
M914 900×140 925×240
M918 900×180 925×240
M1209 1250×90 1300×120
M1214 1250×140 1300×240
M1218 1250×180 1300×240


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