Cell Measurement Application | Micro-Vu high-precision vision measuring machine

[Release time: 2021/06/21Number of readings: 1329]

In the photovoltaic industry, the vision measuring machine is mainly used in SE processing department, screen processing, R&D department and Quality department, and is mainly used for inspection of cells and screens.

In cell inspection, LED surface light of Micro-Vu vision measuring machine can be adjusted forwards, backwards, left and right, 5 rings, 8 sectors and 40 segments, with directional light from 27° to 75°.
The unique lighting system can be effective to eliminate misjudgment in cell measurement caused by the overflow during printing, so as to obtain the real size of bus bar.


Below is how Micro-Vu vision measuring machine inspects cell dimensions, such as width and position of bus bar quickly and accurately.


After the measurement is completed, the system exports measurement report automatically, and an intuitive judgment is given to the measurement result.


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